Ice and Peppermint

Gosh. Every day, every time I lay eyes on her, I love my doll Aury more and more. She's my first Blythe (and, uh, not my last...) and I'm sure every new Blythe owner feels that rush of amazement and excitement and feels like their doll is the most perfect, beautiful doll, like any new parent is obsessed with their kid. I'm a plain ol' total noob in comparison to a lot of the Blythe fen, or fandom, or obsessees, however you could term them. I haven't had the time to witness lots of new dolls coming out or ever seen any other dolls in person -- just on Flickr and around the internet. I haven't even told most people I am into Blythe and that I now have one.

But I just love my girl so much. For me, she is perfect. The perfect first doll, the perfect doll in general. I love her hair. I love her eyes. I love her default outfit. Though I have interest in the customization aspect of Blythe ownership, I can't imagine doing anything to Aury. She is perfect already. She is everything I couldn't have known I would love so much! For me, the excitement is only snowballing the longer I have her, the more I touch her hair and pull her ring and look at Blythe clothes thinking, "How would Aury look in that?"

Today, after a month of deliberating and worrying and being slightly afraid to dare, I did buy another doll, Simply Peppermint. She was my second choice if I couldn't get Ice Rune.

I'm a little nervous. How will I feel about her when she arrives? Will she be "right" like Aury? I want to meet her, name her. I feel like maybe I will customize her somewhat (her eyes, at least), but maybe she'll be perfect already too. SP, have a safe journey to me. Aury and I will wiggle and wait for you.


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