sewing fail

Last night I determinedly sat down with some scrap fabric left over from a previous project and decided to attempt to sew a plain a-line dress for Beatrix. I asked my mom for help, because I have no sewing experience, and also trouble conceptualizing patterns, following and understanding them. After some thinking, I think this is a byproduct of having dyscalculia. (8 out of 11 of those symptoms describe me perfectly.)

Anyway, my mom got out a bunch of her scrap fabric too, and we turned the dining room into a tornado of notions! I sewed by hand because I'm frightened of the machine and didn't want to figure out the pattern AND the machine at the same time. My brain might have liquified.

My dress turned out about a zillion sizes too small and crooked. It looked better as a vest. That is, until it busted. I didn't even finish the sleeves because a) it literally busted open at the seams, and b) I didn't know how to. HAHA.

Uh. Someday. :(

On the other hand, my mom's attempt at a Blythe dress is coming along swimmingly.


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