Found your drilling equipment the other day.

OMG, do want this mushroom pincushion by Aimee Ray! *o*

Blythe clothes keep coming to me in the mail! Maybe I acquired too much these past couple of weeks?? I'll post pictures when everything's come in!

I've been feeling somewhat immoble these past couple of days, so here's a list of stuff I've been watching:

True Blood
Rewatched much of S1, and every episode with Alcide in it like three times. ALCIDE. I am so over Bill and Eric, and especially Jason who was so endearing last season but so horrible this season. It's all about Alcide.

Eddie Izzard: Unrepeatable
("Cat, are you drilling?" "No, no!") Every now and then you just get in an Eddie Izzard mood!

A strange little indie film set in a girls' boarding school in the 1930s, where there's a swim team, drunken secret parties late at night in the dorm rooms, jealousy, competition, and murder. Eva Green and Juno Temple are the stars in this, but for me, I was all about Fiamma (María Valverde)! I hope she stars in more English films! The cinematography was beautiful, reminiscent of 1993's The Secret Garden in more ways than one, but the climax of this movie felt a little off somehow. Still, I liked the atmosphere and María Valverde very much.

On the list to watch:
  • more Eddie Izzard (Definite Article, Glorious)
  • I Love You Phillip Morris
  • D.E.B.S.
  • The Good Guy (I'm not sure about this...)
  • an anime called Umineko no Naku Koro ni, which I understand is a murder mystery! I really miss Maria-sama ga Miteru, so hopefully this will be good too. :(
  • Now to shuffle off and try to do something productive... whilst watching Eddie Izzard. ("No one can live at that speed!")


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