them peepers

My Brainworm order - aka my reward for writing and then biting the bullet and editing my horrors - arrived today! I busted out the gluesticks, put on a bunch of songs from the Glee soundtrack, and got to work.

Beatrix's chips are all changed out now. It's really hard for my camera to pick up the muted colors of some of them with Beatrix's wildly bright hair overtaking all, but she has moss green, wheat, mango, and olive Brainworm chips now. The moss green and wheat look similar in these pictures but not so similar in real life. The wheat ones are more gray than you'd imagine. I might someday get a set of toffee ones instead. I like her so much in mustard yellow, that's why I got the yellow chips for her!

Plummery got the lilac set - I switched out her front-facing stock blue chips. I just found that I never liked leaving her eyes on the blue set. They are pretty with her red hair, so I'm not sure why. I'm not sure how I feel about the lilac, either, though. For now I'm leaving them, but I might get a different blue set instead. It's nice to know I can switch all these chips out again if I feel like it. You never know what you're going to wind up liking or not.

Aury is being left completely stock. She's perfect. I feel like I would really miss her greens and blues. Hopefully she doesn't feel left out.


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