(not unlike "second drink")

The other morning I made a joyful discovery in my wallet: a JoAnn's giftcard left over from my birthday with $11.75 still left on it. I had forgotten it was lurking in there somewhere, so it was like Second Birthday! I spent it on deer hat supplies and other little things I go through quickly -- buttons, ribbon. (I think I have a dollar still left on the card. Someday it'll be like Third Birthday and I'll go get more ribbon.)

So thanks to Second Birthday, it's been deer hat mania here at chez maidensuit. I put these two I completed Friday and Saturday up in my Etsy shop yesterday and they were both gone this morning. I have two more in these colors in progress, so there's more on the way in the next couple of days. All of these little felt antlers and ears are littered over my desk waiting to be stitched together.


  1. They are so lovely! I love them!! And Aury's photo is totally *gorgeous*!

    Efrat (Fafuna from flickr)

  2. Thank you so much, Efrat! <3 I love to take pictures of Aury.