a scissor runner stole my heart

Guys, last night I had a dream that Lafayette from True Blood gave me a tattoo of David Letterman, who was dressed up in some kind of weird costume in the tattoo. I don't know what this means, but I'm just going to guess: I need the last episode of True Blood already!

Good long weekend! I spent a good deal of the weekend with my youngest sister -- we went shopping, test-sprayed perfume (my sister found this one and it was scrumptious on her, so the part of me that's already planning for Christmas is planning on this for her!), got crazy Labor Day sale dealios at JoAnn's, and watched a ton of Gilmore Girls.

I have two hats awaiting antler and ear attachments and two awaiting some other particular applique. There are hats with poms all over my desk. The poms are getting more and more ridiculous, too.

However, happily, half of them are in the "outbox" of hats people bought from my Etsy shop about to be shipped out!

Here's a flora deer hat on a lovely PuPe! I love that girl!


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