beautiful things

This girl! This girl. I haven't responded to the concept art on any girl since Dear Lele Girl -- but will she live up to the loveliness? I can't wait to see proper pictures of her. Her stock is absolutely precious, she's got pink hair (it seems like maybe it'll be in the Veronica Lace/Heart of Montmartre vein), and she's FBL!! I have come to love those little FBLs. Having PDPa in person has really made me see the difference, and while I have a super-big soft spot for RBLs I would love another FBL. I'm really in love with Simply Thumpty Thump too. But could this be the pink-haired girl I've been craving? Only time will tell...

Some other adorable things:

This tutorial for these sweet fabric pumpkins!

Beka at ginger*urchin has a bunch of amazing tutorials for Blythe Halloween costumes!! Loving this witch costume and can't wait to see what's next.


  1. i am sooo curious of this girl too! love HOM´s hair, she is high on my wishlist. i wonder if this would be the same colour? i hope so!

  2. I can't wait to find out! I am fully prepared to love her :D