October and organization

Yay, it's October! It's the time of year when I want to watch the Addams Family movies, Sleepy Hollow, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's getting cool outside. Soon it will be cowl weather...!!

Today is the first in a while I haven't been doing something with my hands. My wrists are a bit sore, so I'm resting them up. I undressed my girls to change their clothes, then I decided to take some pictures of my minimal Blythe wardrobe storage. I always like to see how people store their Blythes and their dolly clothes. I just keep all my stuff on my bookshelf in plastic boxes I got from Target.

One is a Snapware thing (I always accidentally say "Snapeware" for some unknown reason? Get out of my head, Harry Potter!) with three sections and the other is a shoebox-sized plastic box. I think it was from the section that pops up during the spring/summer intended for college students and their dorm rooms. It fits all their dresses with room for plenty more, because they could flatten more but are just loosely stacked.

That's all my girls' dresses, not including anything stock or separates. (There's also a furry bunny suit that stays in a plastic bag so it won't shed on any of the dresses.) I tend to stack them in the box grouped by color. How else would you stack 'em??

I have a couple more dresses floating around that need to be sold, so they've been set aside for a while. I want to get some more clothes sometime soon, especially socks and stockings.

The Snapware houses separates/free-roaming bits and bobs, stock, and shoes and socks.

Stock for Ice Rune, Simply Peppermint, Dear Lele Girl, and now Prima Dolly Paris! :)  Some of the stock is so usable (especially the headbands and hair things). I love DLG's legwarmers and lace headband.

The stock shoes go with the shoes in the bottom section:

Maybe one day I'll have to get another box, but this works great for me right now.

How do you store your dolly wardrobes? Tupperware, like me? Drawers? Do your dolls have their own dresser or closet?


  1. They are just all gorgeous.
    So organised, mine are just strewn over everywhere lol.

  2. That's like my craft stuff. It's EVERYWHERE!

  3. I love it ♥ I store mine in boxes or plastic bags ^^"
    Please help me can you tell me where you found the "old fashionned beige shoes" in the last picture ? :s at the bottom in the middle...
    I just really need them and I've been searching for a year...T__T