Vinter VTF

First thing's first: VINTER VHAT'S-HER-NAME. Some official pics finally came out.

I'm... underwhelmed, I guess. Sometimes the art and the official pictures are both adorable -- I feel that way about Ice Rune and that's part of what pushed me to finally get a Blythe! Her official pics are some of the cutest ever!

Sometimes the concept art looks so cute, but the girl doesn't excite me in pictures, and sometimes neither art nor the official pics do anything for me but I fall in love with a girl when I see "real" pictures of her in different clothes, in a home, loved and lit with that love (Paris is a prime example -- I think she's the prettiest FBL to customize, so I was going to give her a bit of a face-up, but I even love her strange purple-tinted lips in person). But usually the studio pictures are really nice either way. Strangely, I think the studio pictures of this girl are terrible-looking. To me her hair looks too shiny, like bad plastic-nylon-not-even-soft-to-the-touch shiny. Or maybe greasy and kind of tangled. Either way it looks bad to me. Her stock is absolutely wonderful; that's not the problem. Those boots, gurl!! But even the background of her studio pictures is weirdly shiny and strange-looking to me, in comparison with the tidy backgrounds I'm accustomed to seeing from Takara.

But the pictures of her outside are a lot nicer:

Truthfully I was expecting this girl to be a little more pinky, from the illustration. I'm really curious to see how she'll look in pictures taken by Blythe collectors on flickr. She really might look utterly different.

Not to be too negative -- I just feel like I can't tell what color her hair actually is, and I'm really curious because I really responded to her concept art and I love her stock. Ice Rune has a definite peach tint in her blond hair and I love it, so I wouldn't mind if this girl has peachy hair too, and I love muted tones. I just think her studio pics aren't doing her any favors for me.

Here's a deer girl taking a peek:

I'm think I'm going to have a sale in my Etsy shop this week, starting tomorrow and ending on (American) Thanksgiving -- a little pre-"Black Friday" sale. Stay tuned.


  1. Totally know what you mean.
    I'm underwhelmed too.
    I was worried I was going to pine for her like I do DearLele. I'm so relieved lol.

  2. Hehe! I'm partially relieved and partially disappointed because I would really like a pink-haired girl... but as pretty as her stock is, she doesn't seem to be the one for me.