blue-haired girl, what the what??

If you'll recall from my post about blue-haired girls I like, a little lady called Drew topped it... seriously, I flickr-stalked this girl so hard. As luck would have it, her owner Jenn got the chance to adopt a girl that she's been wanting and thus needed to downsize, so I begged her, "If you ever think about adopting out Drew, please consider me." Keeping it classy? I don't know, probably not. But putting yourself out there every now and then can be worth it. It must have been, because Jenn contacted me to offer me first dibs on her and I took her up on it!

Really, I've been focused on buying dolly duds since Klara arrived; I have more dolls than clothes for them all and I'm a lot pickier about how I dress them now than I used to be. But after the clothes-shopping and hat-sending I've done this month, I didn't really have all my funds in one place when Drew came up for adoption (some in PayPal, some in cash form sitting in my wallet, some in paychecks), so I scrambled to make it work with the help of my understanding friend J. He's the friend who gave me Petaline and Plummery, so he's obviously enabling me majorly.

SO WORTH IT!!! I love her! I never thought I could be so attracted to a blue-haired girl! She's a Moofala custom and is a Friendly Freckles with a RIT-dyed Cassiopeia Spice scalp, who came in a Simply Mango box and a Rosy Red shipper! I love that! She has wonderful little freckles, beautiful metallic steel-blue lids, sleepy eyes and a little silver leaf charm on her second pull string. She's my first custom girl so I've never really seen sleepy eyes in person till seeing them on her. There's something really magical about that!

Right now Beatrix's head is off her body most of the time as I'm learning to take dolls apart... and the sleepy eyes I gave her just last night do technically work, just not as flawlessly as Drew's.

Oh yes, I think the name Drew is really cute for her, so I'm keeping the name!

Anyway: I'm banning myself from buying another girl until, at very least, my birthday in May. I really wasn't planning on getting another girl in such quick succession to Petaline and Klara, but I just love this girl and couldn't say no when the opportunity to adopt her came my way!


  1. I can't blame you for wanting her so much, she is so adorable!
    And if you ever consider adopting her out... (hehehe)

  2. That's a lovely tone of blue - I know exactly what you mean... :) Blue hair's cool!