February fly-by.

Hooray! The snow has abated and melted, so I can actually leave my house freely and Klara and I will not come indoors with our boots all crystalized anymore. For a while, anyway.

Klara isn't even wearing her stock boots right now! She's trying on this pair from the Takara Shoe Cruise Day set with an old favorite dress that I think was about $2 on Blythe Kingdom back when it was Plastic Paradise, Takara bloomers, and a lovely knitted shrug by Fliss.

Happy-making things recently acquired:

Bunny candy dish which I will use for bobbypins and hairties or other loose randomness that collects on my bedside table, probably! IT'S JUST SO CUTE!!

Pre-ordered this bundle of Eisley's new album The Valley plus a t-shirt (that I mainly couldn't resist because I really want to make a feathery owly dress like that for my girls... I've seen tutorials for humans, so it seems doable for a Blythe too)! I'm really excited about The Valley finally being released and for Stacy's side-project with her husband and Jeremy Larson too.

Also, I got this dress gifted to me from ObviousZebra and it was unexpected and very mood-lifting! I ruined the entire effect by Katy Perrying this picture of Drew in it, but -- people can be so lovely sometimes.


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