pumpkins and rainbows

Yes, it's pumpkin-carving time! My gentleman friend and I created, respectively, a Kanye West-esque post-apocalyptic scarred badass pumpkin of some type (him) and a gummy grandpa (me). Last year the pumpkin I carved looked really evil, so I tried to do a rounder, kinder version this year. I kept making it talk to my bf in a wheezy voice, so it is really about the same level of terrifying as last year's.

I posed Beatrix with them and she is looking very autumny in this Woolyrockers dud for a girl with mint green hair!

Something else that made my weekend: my sister did a rainbow manicure on me! Literal multi-colored rainbows on my every nail. I have quite small nails (and hands in general) and nail art doesn't tend to suit me, nor am I typically attracted to it.  But I saw an animated gif set of this video tutorial on Tumblr and thought, "Cutest ever, I want!" and we winged it from there, combining our polish collections to pick out rainbow combinations. I stuck with something similar to the tutorial and I think my sister did a really sweet job!

Colors used: Alpine Snow (O.P.I.) for the white; Salsa (O.P.I.) for the red; Need Sunglasses? (O.P.I.) for the yellow -- I don't recommend this yellow, by the way, surely there is a better yellow polish out there; For Audrey (China Glaze) for the blue-green; and Seche Vite for a top coat. My sister's doing hers in shades of purple and green, so it's really customizable. I think it would look really cute in pastels...

I do a lot with my hands, like playing my ghosty boo guitar and crafting, so this only lasted a couple of days before clouds chipped away, but it was great fun while they lasted and very cheery!


  1. Pumpkin carving sounds so interesting. I've never tried it before. Pumpkins are pretty scarce here in my area. I love your nail art! I also get a lot of paint on my hands so after a few days my polish is ruined but I still keep putting on nailpolish. It's fun. :D

  2. Love your nails! I'm constantly peeling stickers off of things at work and prying things open, so my nails get DESTROYED in all of 1-2 hours, but I'll still paint them every once in a while. :) I saw that you swap things for Blythe! I knit and make things for her myself :) I would love to do a Fall swap with you if you're interested :D


  3. ...your carving looks great - I hope you had an awesome evening and are still entraptured with Sleepy Hollow - October *is* Tim Burton month, most assuredly :D

  4. Pumpkin carving is my favorite autumn activity, although they can be quite slimy inside! I hope you get to try it sometime, Valerie! And my sister always says that if you don't use nail polish it will just go bad, so its very nature is temporary, just some fleeting glory. It's such a cheap thrill, I don't mind if it gets ruined!

    Thank you, fellow Jane! What kinds of things do you like to knit for Blythe? I might be up for a swap!

    Hey Beka, thank you! I really steeped myself in Sleepy Hollow this year! Now it's time to move on to The Nightmare Before Christmas for my Burton holiday jollies! :)