Rachel's Ribbon

I'm on a never-ending quest for a pink-haired Blythe, so Rachel's Ribbon of course piqued my interest. Her hair is described as "Cinnamon brown with shades of pink" and, interestingly, is "parted on the side with bangs." I love side-parter girls! In real life they can be hard to style (a fact my Very Vicky, Miss Petaline, will attest to), so having a side-parter girl with bangs is like the best of both worlds!

However, Rachel's Ribbon is clearly a peach-haired girl. I can see the pink tint in the picture up against the yellow wall, but even Vinter Arden's hair looks pinker to me. And this girl looks like VA's RBL cousin. That's not a bad thing; she's super-cute and I love VA's hair color even though it wasn't as pink as I'd hoped from the concept art. Her olive eye chips are lovely with her muted salmony-peachy-browny hair too.

I sort of wonder if I took this girl and dunked her scalp into some pink RIT, would she work out for me as the pink-haired girl of my dreams? I've kind of become accustomed to the fact that my Perfect Pink may only be achievable through some amount of custom work. I loved muted tones and I'd prefer a more orangey/melony/reddish pink so it seems like just dipping her hair to enhance the color just a little bit could work. I do love the side-part with the bangs, it's so cute!

Something to think about, sigh...!

I saw the pink-haired girl of my dreams on Flickr the other day... a vanilladolly custom named Phoebe. Double sigh!!


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