goodbye, February; hello, March

Still ripplin'!

Here is what I accomplished during the month of February. I would say it's about 18 inches in height right now. If you're a Blyther, here's Plummery as a height reference.

I have discovered that this is no longer a throw. It's a full-fledged blanket, son. It may only be a foot and a half tall, but it's six feet and four inches wide. That's the entire length of my mattress from head to foot! That's taller than many Hollywood leading men, and about a foot taller than me. It's become so tall that it's cumbersome to try and hold in my lap as I work on it. It totally gets in the way... but that's satisfying!

It takes me a little over an hour to crochet across it once. Good thing I actually have learned to love that ripple pattern and really enjoy the way I don't have to think much about what I'm doing as I work.

On my mind lately (besides rippling):
  • my rice cooker; it's a full-fledged romance
  • Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl!
  • so sad about Davy Jones passing; The Monkees may have been popular way before I was born, but when I was very very little, reruns of The Monkees re-ran on Nickelodeon. My first musical memories involve The Bangles and The Monkees; my first favorite song, when I was a toddler, was "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone." I have always loved them, even in the face of criticism! I suspect I'll be listening to The Monkees a lot in March!


  1. I love the colors you picked for your ripple.

  2. see, the first time i saw i new its going to be a blanket.
    it´s the colours and the pattern which makes me wanna snuggle into it :)

    oh, this rice-cooker set seems lovely! i always wished to own a ricecooker to make some fast onigiri in the morning, but where to buy here in western europe? ^_^;

  3. Thank you so much, O! :)

    I love that it makes you want to snuggle, Tea! Ooh, you should Google for rice cookers, I'm sure you can buy them where you are :) My sister uses hers so she can make onigiri too!

  4. It's amazing how those throws just seem to grow of their own accord. I made a knitted one last year and use it on my bed on really cold nights...and like you, I found it cumbersome whilst it was a work in progress. You've chosen great colours for yours, a very pretty combination.

  5. Ooh, are you a knitter, Sandi?? I do so long to knit. Thank you for your comment!

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