box-fresh Mallow

I always leave a girl in her stock for a few days; sometimes I am nervous to take them out of it. I know this is probably weird -- I don't even like Coco Collette's stock too well, nor did I like Prima Dolly Paris's or Simply Peppermint's -- but I just like to get to know a girl on my own time. I think it's part of my "bonding" process.

But the other day I took a new family portrait (yay!) and of course, because I have weird color organization tendencies, they all needed to be wearing pink in their own special little ways. I had bought this little floral frock on Etsy quite cheaply, but when Mallow arrived I held it up to her and thought, "Oh, this seems too plain for her," and put it to the side to slip onto another girl. Just before I headed out into the unbelievable heat to take a portrait, though, I did give the dress a go... and I think she looks perfectly sweet in it! Meant to be, I think!

How pleasing! I am already really in love Mallow and how she fits into my family.

As I've said, like most CoCos, she has an eye mech issue that I'll eventually attend to, and I do want to switch out some of her chips... and I know she could do with a hair treatment. Her bangs are pretty wonky and uneven on one side. But at the moment I love the floaty quality of her hair, which has a tiny amount of wave and curl in it. Something about Mallow is very delicate and airy, despite her flawed eyes and crooked fringe, and I don't want to lose that airiness somehow.

My last NRFB girls were Very Vicky and Vinter Arden a while back, and both of them came with traumatizing hair issues that required treatment before I had even named either of them, so to be honest, I am just glad Mallow didn't arrive with her hair in literal knots!


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