not-too-lazy Sunday

I've been practicing knitting. I am eternally practicing without signs of marked improvement. I basically mess up everything I make, even just practice squares! But I just keep going and wind up with a ridgey, weird square... that I wrap into a bow and perch on the nearest, dearest Blythe!

I am knitting a dishcloth and am exactly halfway in now! I just wanted to get a picture of it before I start decreasing again and inevitably mess up (I won't mind, it hasn't taken very long to make so far). Let's be real, this is basically a bigger practice square. I've learned to Yarn Over! Which of course is basically 50% of what crocheting is, but which is still pretty cool, 'cause I've never done it with knitting before.

When knitting is going well, it is very satisfying. But for me, one tiny slip or misstep renders all the effort in vain. I must learn how to "tink" to repair my constant errors, which usually come when I have knitted instead of purled, or somehow messed up purling in another way...

I've really been enjoying my Blythes lately. I love my little family. Well, it's not so little anymore. I have no idea how I have nine Neos and a Middie!


  1. Lovely photos! So far your knitting is beautiful! But I know what you mean, once the mistakes begin it gets so frustrating! ((HUGS)) I just know you are getting better all the time! Keep it up!

  2. Well I think the bows look pretty great Jane, so maybe just keep practicing and sell a few on Etsy! :)

  3. What a lovely encouraging comment! Thank you so much!

    Haha, great idea, Sandi!!