indigo girls

Drew and I looked kind of twinny today.

I'm mostly a natural girl. I don't wear makeup very often and I've never had dyed hair, except for some Manic Panic in high school, aeons ago. But since I've been needing a hair cut for a long time (it was down to the small of my back, when long hair stops being "pretty" long and starts veering into "creepy religious hairstyle" long for me), I decided to ask my hairstylist aunt for a trim and to bleach some streaks into my hair so I could put some random cotton candy pink in. She sweetly one-upped that, gave me a style shorter than I've had in years, and put some temporary indigo in so I could have some bright unnatural color in there while I was waiting for my pink dye!

This is a super reflective color (I practically have a purple halo when I am in sunlight, but it looks blue sometimes and violet other times) and with my super pale skin and very dark hair, I can look very easily gothy. But this isn't too much for me, as long as I don't fill my eyebrows too dark or go overboard on the eyeliner, and it will wash out so I can put in my pink.

It's really perked my spirits for my hair to be less weighty and to do something fun and random with it.

Wow, Drew, I feel such a connection with you right now, my little blue girl!


  1. Jane it looks fabulous, love the indigo streak! Your Aunt certainly knows how to make a statement, wish I could go blue, but sadly I must make do with my copper red. :)

  2. Copper red is a great color to stick with! Love redheads!!