the coziest

When I got up this morning, it was snowing.

It's still snowing now... big, lovely, thick, gentle flakes coming down fast. I watched it for ten minutes, standing on my knees in a chair by the window, recalling "snow days" and how great they were -- that rush from not having to go to school, the whole day suddenly full of freedom and playing out in the snow.

I'm the opposite of people with S.A.D.; I love dour weather. Snow can be quite cheery and beautiful, but I love precipitation in general and always feel so cozy inside, knowing it's rainy or snowy out and I'm safe inside like a bear in a cave.

Some tweedy yarn I ordered from knitpicks arrived yesterday. How cozy! I hope the snow lingers for a couple of days so I can knit while it snows.

But for now, I'm in another window on my computer, writing a meaningless story for the fun of it. I don't predict it will ever tie itself into an ending, but that's okay, because I am quite happy in the meantime.


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