grannies, continued

I started crocheting these mustard-and-white granny squares at a friend's house during May. Making granny squares is rhythmic, relaxing, and doesn't take very long. Perfect to do while watching TV or listening to a podcast! I did perhaps 18 or so that weekend, and kept the yarn sitting on my desk for when I felt like doing some more. Now I have 62.

As you can see (pardon my "foots," as Bob Ross might call them), that's actually not very much, all laid out. I do have small feet, but I would estimate I need double -- if not more -- the amount of squares for a little throw. As these don't take very long and are a pleasure to make, that doesn't sway me a bit! It's joining them that I find daunting...

Drew is dressed to match! She's like my little mood board/muse for this throw in progress.


  1. I made a granny square blanket too, it had about 120 squares :P It took a while, but it was so much fun to do ! I can't wait to see the result of yours !!


  2. Pretty! Love the simple color combo.

  3. Sheesh, I never expect comments on my blog, so I wind up missing them!!

    Thanks, Zalia! I'm about halfway there! :)

    And thanks, Alicia! There is something very cheery about white and yellow!