sweet treats wreath

I'm really digging doing a pastel Christmas thing this year. (Yeah, yeah! I know! Thanksgiving first! But Christmas is only a few weeks away!)

This wreath I made is pretty last-era Katy Perry, right? It's not my fault there were so many cute dessert ornaments at Hobby Lobby. I got all of them for under ten bucks the same day I got my pink tree. My house is generally very traditional with its Christmas decor: lots of red and green, lots of red and white peppermint ornaments, lots and lots of Santa mugs. I'm keeping my pastel Christmas junk in my bedroom.

I tried to find a white wreath, which I know exist (you can find them on Amazon for like, $13), but none of the craft stores I checked had them. So what I wound up doing was purchasing a cheap hay wreath for $3. Why hay? A question for the ages. It sure was a mess when I took the plastic wrapper off of it! But since I knew I'd put this white garland over it, I didn't want green foam to peek through. The garland was, like, $6. It's cheap and flimsy, but very good for my purposes!

I got a little bottle of white craft paint and spent an hour or so putting a coat on the front and back of the wreath. It kind of looked like a gigantic frosted Cheerio or perhaps a circular Frosted Mini Wheat when I was done.

Then I wrapped the garland around it. The garland was 18 feet, but even though the wreath is only maybe about a foot and a half tall, the garland barely fit! It took me a lot of scooting to get an even cover. Then I hot glued the two ends down to the back of the wreath... and glued on candy ornaments at random. Just hot glued 'em right on! They're mostly lightweight, except for this clear sucker.

I like the uber-homemade-ness of the look, so I won't trim off the ornament strings or anything. You really can't see the hay wreath underneath unless you're specifically trying to peer for it. Would I recommend painting a hay wreath? Not really. But I still think it turned out pretty well for a seat-of-the-pants pastel candy wreath!

All that's missing is a big bow perched on the top. I think a striped bow in some pastel shade would be the cutest, or maybe even a silver bow. I left a bit of space between the blue and green lollies for just such a bow. I'll be on the lookout!


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