Coral in her greenhouse, colored.

My "downtime project" has been coloring in this beautiful lineart by MLeth the last few months. Particularly if my internet was down or I just needed something totally different to concentrate on, I would get out my Wacom tablet, open up Paint Tool SAI (I love this program!), and begin to fill in color -- the exact same way you would color something in with colored pencils or markers, stroking a pen nib on a surface. This actually was a lot of hand and wrist movement! I had to take care not to strain my wrist, and be willing to leave it as soon as fatigue set in.

Finally, when I had colored all I felt like coloring, I transferred it to Photoshop to add in some lighting adjustments and textures. One sort of reminded me of dust or pollen floating. I also added a floral pattern to her tank top.

I envisioned summer sunshine blaring through into the protective walls of the warm, hazy greenhouse. There are little details that I could probably go on filling in for months, if I wasn't so scatterbrained. I'm ready to find some new lineart to color. This was so much fun!

(And, yes, of course she had to have pink hair! Her name is Coral!)


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