Pink Progress Report: One Month Pink

Yesterday marked a month since I first dyed my hair pink! It went by in a snippity-snap.

Man, I am really not a blogger who posts pictures of themselves, usually. I'm not fashionable. I'm just really happy as a pinkhead, and I know no one is quite as interested in my pink hair as I am, ha! So I must come here with my selfies.

While I've been trying to wear my hair down as much as humanly possible, so I can revel in its pinkness, it is summertime... so when I get a couple of days in without a wash or I get too warm, I wear my hair back in the world's tiniest bun. I have a month's worth of dark, dark roots!

Immediately after taking my bun out, this is what it looked like:

Not too bad, I think. I won't lie, my roots are hard for a perfectionist like me to see! I want to fix them, but I guess I'm going to wait till I have six weeks of roots showing.

Along with trying to wear my hair down a lot, I've been trying out lip colors here and there. (Above, I'm wearing an ELF Lip Stain in Pink Petal topped with Hurraw! lip balm in grapefruit; it's not tinted.) It's actually pretty uncomfortable for me... I don't like calling any attention to my mouth!! I think I look wonk, and it's hard to undo twenty years of only wearing lip balm. Wearing colors that are too dark emphasize the thinness of my lips, in my opinion. But it's been an interesting phase of experimentation, anyway.


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