Accio Autumn!

Autumn's playing a real game of keep-away this year. It's been cool for a beat, then up in the 80s again, humid and unpleasant. As I told my bestie, disgruntled, the only 80s welcome in my life right now are the whiffs of it coming off Taylor Swift's new album.

The other night, my mom, little sister, and I decided we wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows parts 1 and 2 back-to-back. We turned on LED candles and put them in lanterns and turned off the lights to enhance the mood.

There was a weird moment ten or fifteen minutes in where the TV suddenly turned itself off...?  "Spoooky!" said my mom. The remote's on/off button doesn't actually even work anymore, so it wasn't any of us knocking that by accident or anything. We turned the TV back on, and the DVD was still playing...

About thirty minutes in (well, when Kreacher was bringing Mundungus Fletcher to Harry), all of the power went off! Thankfully we had lit those lanterns and we had about a billion more candles, LED and real, at our disposal, but it was such a bummer! I was just really getting into the movie. Plus, we've had some pretty bad storms in the past decade that have left us without power for multiple days, our city really wrecked and my family really stressed, so we all have fearful trauma responses to power outages now. It was only off four about three or four hours, but that was time enough for us all to run a super weird gamut of emotions.

(The next night, with our power back, we successfully got our Harry Potter on. I know you were worried.)

I can't believe it's so far into October, and almost Halloween!! It just doesn't feel like it!


  1. Hi Jane, thank goodness you already had led candle light! My country will have this problem also this winter, we don't have enough power sources and there's no solution yet. I don't mind the dark, but am afraid of the cold, brrr!!! (I live in Belgium). Have a happy Halloween :-)!

    1. We should team up this winter, Night Owl! I don't mind the cold but I don't like the dark!! Together we can get through it! :)