bubble bubble bubble pop

Highlight of my October: I got a Simply Bubble Boom!

(Yes, of course I hear Bubble Pop in my head.)

Bubble Boom has been the one Blythe on my list of wants that I wanted to definitely get someday, but never seemed to be able to catch her on eBay at the right time, and have been like, "Maybe I can find her used, or something..."  But thanks to one of my clients really dragging out the work I was doing for him and giving me a bonus entirely because of this (literally! He said, "I'm going to sweeten the pot and give you some more money.  I've been such a pain"), I had a bit of extra dough kicking around and thought, "Bubble Boom!!!" So long, guy, and thanks for the Blythe!

I deboxed her for my YouTube channel (which is still getting lots of subscribers... when I last mentioned it, it had 86, and as of this post, it has 155).

I cherish having these deboxing videos, actually. I do like to do them because they are easy to edit and upload, but they are really for me, so I can remember the moments of first laying eyes on them, holding them, touching their hair... I can document all my initial thoughts. Deboxings are part of the bonding process for me, and something I cannot rush through.

Simply Bubble Boom is breathtaking. Like, I'm over the moon! Her hair is perfect! She's from 2010, around the same time as Very Vicky, but she has none of the hair issues that so plagued my pair of FBLs that I got that year (VV and Vinter Arden). Like, she has the best hair of any Blythe I've gotten since Dear Lele Girl. There's not a strand out of place. It's soft. There's zero tangles or snags. Her fringe is super straight. It looks so good.

And I love her little FBL faaaaace!

As I say in my deboxing video, I don't care for her stock particularly, and she may never wear it again after I change her, but these skates and the way they fit on her are way cuter than I expected.

Four Blythes is the most I've expanded my collection by since the first year I was into Blythe. It's acutally a lot for one year, for me, and I am beginning to run out of room where I prefer to display them. I'm not sure whether to consider downsizing or not...


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