"I'd turn back if I were you."

Look at this girl! Yes, yes, I got a new Blythe! If you follow me on Flickr or social media, you already know! I actually received her in the mail on the 16th, but I sort of sat in private with her for the most part these past couple of weeks.

She's my first true brunette Blythe and my first RBL+. Actually, the first RBL I've gotten in general since Lamb! I somehow got accustomed to seeing FBL faces peering up at me from boxes, so when I opened her, I was suddenly nervous!

I filmed a deboxing video if you'd like to watch it.

Spoiler alert: one of her socks won't even go on her foot.

However, that bizarre random issue aside, now that I've hung out with her for a while, changed her out of her stock, and settled on a name (which took a while), I'm chuffed to have her.

Her name is Wisp, because so far, my Didee Eureka experience has come with a ton of rainbows: she's Wizard of Oz inspired which automatically comes with rainbow associations; a double rainbow appeared over my house -- which I have never seen outside of that one YouTube video; and then everything on the internet seemed to be overtaken by rainbows due to gay marriage being declared legal everywhere in the U.S.! (Hooray!!! It cannot be overstated how crucial equality is!) I felt like the universe was showing me rainbows all over the place.

However, I didn't want to just name her "Rainbow," not just because I sort of was leaning towards something with a W (like Winnie or Wendla) but because I once read a book about a girl absorbed into a hippie cult where they renamed her that. Also, I associate that as a name with Rainbow Brite. I love me some Rainbow Brite. I can still sing the theme song and also the opening number from Star Stealer. But Rainbow Brite's original name was Wisp, and when that clicked, I was like, "Okay! I hear you, universe!"


  1. Ahhh, Wisp is a perfect name for her! :D I love it. It makes me think of will-o'-the-wisp's actually but the Rainbow Brite association is clearly perfect :) Hi, Wisp!

    1. Belatedly (ugh I'm the worst at actually logging into Blogger) thank you!! :D I'm hardcore about Wisp right now, haha, just petting her all the time.