video: Treating Blythe Hair

All right, friends. I finally filmed a video about treating Blythe hair, since it's been my #1 video request since before I even really actively began making videos and posted about Very Vicky and Vinter Arden's unfortunate hair situations.

This was a challenge for me to film, and I always knew it would be, which kept me from making it sooner. I knew I needed help. I knew could not film it all by myself, so my younger sister kindly agreed to help me, and bless her freakin' heart for it!

We filmed it in the kitchen at 2 a.m. so as not to bother anyone else in the house, and setup took a good long time. We had two lights taking up space, and two cameras, one on a tripod and one in her hands raised fairly high, and me trying to direct and warn her in advance about what I was going to do so she could be sure to catch it... what a to-do! We did it one take, too, and she did a fabulous job. We had both been apprehensive about whether or not it would turn out at all.

At one point I looked at her and said, "All this prep and working out where the bowl should be and what's in the shot and where to stand... it's so much work for a freaking YouTube video, isn't it?"

Anyway, I couldn't have filmed it, literally, without my sister's gracious help, not only with holding a camera for me, but discussing with me the setup and what was in her shot, being willing to take direction and having so much patience. She helped with the prep and setup as well as the actual filming, and was just basically an angel.

In the end I can only hope that this video is helpful for someone, because I know I am the type of person who also benefits more from seeing something done in real life more than text instructions or even pictures. I also mostly make videos because people have asked me to, so this effort is for those people.

P.S. Wisp looks great, I don't mind saying!!! I'm going to film a dolly dressup with her ASAP!


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