It's the holiday season.

Yup, holiday delights and stressors are definitely popping up in equal measure. Music, decor, baking, socializing... shopping, wrapping, shipping, worrying about packages arriving, feeling a lack of control over things and fretting about pleasing people...

I'm really 'bout our mantel this year. I only made those "noel" letters last year and we've never put those little conical angels there either. It looks happy!

Here are some snaps of our tree (plus Smokey underneath it; it's his favorite hideout).

You have no idea how many Santa mugs there are in this house. (I'm talking... 70, at least.)

I feel beyond scatterbrained... so much on my plate, not just for the holidays, but in general! I'm wavering between optimism and anxiety. I for sure need to take a chill pill.


  1. Oh, those Santa mugs! My grandma used to have a couple and she'd put them on the mantle each year at Christmas. Thanks for bringing me some lovely memories with this photo!
    I hope you feel less stressed soon!

    1. Aw! What a nice memory indeed! Thanks so much! :)

  2. I love the "misfit toys" bauble! I doubt i could ever find one in the U.K. but i watch rudolph every year!