twenty serpentine

Ahh, another challenging year.

I don't even really know what to say about 2017. Mental health/medication/therapy/doctors was so much of my year. And I don't know what I can say about all of that. I also had some phenomenally stupid moments, like putting the iPhone I hadn't had for a year yet through the wash along with my bed sheets. Bye, money!

There were a few bright spots. I saw screenings of two of my favorite movies (Wayne's World and Real Genius) in theaters. There's something cool about that. I hadn't seen either of them like that before. I got very into crafting miniature suitcases (I hope I'll do a blog post about them sometime). Picking up new crafting skills is miraculous. I played a lot of Stardew Valley and started collecting Animal Crossing cards. I got really into reading BL manga.

In the last 4 months of the year, I was able to add another 60k-ish to my novel. This is by far the most meaningful for me. The experience wasn't without its challenges, but I wouldn't trade it.

My hope for 2017 was only that I would be able to create things, and I did.

While I can't say I'm optimistic about 2018, I want to take the lessons of 2017 along with me. Hopefully that means I will make sure not to destroy my phone again in 2018. Fingers crossed.


I often think of Beatrix and Miss Petaline as a pair, so I have several pictures of them together being a bit matchy-matchy that I've taken over the years. I thought I'd post a little collection.

(Licca-bodied Beatrix is always in those green shoes, huh!)

two videos

Don't want April to escape without noting the two Dolly Dressup videos I did this month! The above picture is a screen grab from Wisp's. I had paused on it while editing in Premiere and saved it because I thought it was pretty. Or maybe it's just that I really love Wisp!!

As I noted in the video, Wisp has a downcast gaze on this set of chips, so I'm thinking of giving her a slight lift. I did that for Mallow a while back because she also has the downcast gaze... And while I'm at it, maybe a new set of chips for Wispy! I just leave this set on her all the time.

Finally dressed Gavin! I feel unsatisfied most of the time with how I dress her, but I like this outfit!

For some reason, the volume seems low on this one. Either that or all the other ones are too loud. No clue which.

I think Mallow is the only girl who hasn't been in a dressup vid yet, so I'll do her during May! And also probably a haul... the ol' birthday's coming up.