playing catch up

Hello, 2021!

Your girl's been sick most of the year so far!

"I really want to concentrate on my novel in January," said I, thereby cursing myself.

I don't have COVID (thankfully), just a lingering cough. I try to speak and I cough instead. It's no fun. And there's some unfortunate overlap between this and the whole winter weather situation going on in southern USA right now. It is not as bad here as it is in Texas. I'm so thankful for that. I've been through severe, national-emergency-type winter weather before, sans power, and it was traumatic! But last week was still rough. I'm pretty much in survival mode right now.

I fell really behind in Animal Crossing New Horizons last year, so while I've been sick and snowed in, I've been catching up. I've only just started December in the game. Above is the entrance to my island. I can't believe that the game's been out for almost a year!

Another thing I've been doing is sketching, mostly digitally. Anne's been doing digital art lately and it's really motivated me to get back to it! I just dabble in self-indulgent fanart and the like (I like to warm up by looking at Adventure Time media and sketching off it by eye), but here's a rough sketch of Olwenn.

I am not an artist; don't think that's what I'm claiming. I just wanted to post this here just because it's representative of something that's kept my head above water of late. As you know, it's all about getting that SEROTONIN!

Stay safe, y'all.

holiday dressup

Final video of 2020!

She said, as though she has been making videos for more than a couple of months.

Well, four videos is a lot to make after several years abstaining from such a thing! That's a whole lot to suddenly do. I've really got no plans for how I want to spend my hobby time in the upcoming months, but I may take January off from making doll videos so I can do other stuff: work on my novel (which I've had a hard time with the past two months), crochet, maaaybe get some stuff up on Etsy, finish up other video projects. Or I might film another dressup! Who knows! I'LL DO WHATEVER I WANT!

Anyway, here's a double dolly dressup!

My heart squeezes when I see these girls.

Have a nice Christmas, y'all, and STAY SAFE.

Olwenn dressup video

This week I posted a dressup with my new girl Olwenn!

Under the filming lights, I was totally taken by her blue chips. When I unboxed her, I didn't care for them at all. Clicking them over to the blue and being wowed was such a delightful experience. As I say in the video, I forgot to film more after that. I got excited to take her picture.

Perfectionist me doesn't love that I forgot to film more panning shots of her outfit, but I'm making a concerted effort to try and ignore that.

I didn't mention this before, but I made a little animated bumper for the end of my videos and I'm kinda enjoying it. I plan to change the colors for every video. I matched the colors to Mallow and Olwenn's outfits. It's extra. But you know, sometimes you just gotta do what makes you happy.

I noted this in my video also, but I have undertaken putting closed captions on all my (public) videos. Not quiiite done yet, but I've been working steadily on it. The automatically generated CC are real bad. That's my own fault; I speak sloppily. I will do it for all my videos from now on. I hope it will help someone out there.