April's around the corner

Yes, it is still pixie hat mania here. Besides these acceptable specimen, I have two in progress and many more that I frogged because I made them one stitch too small, or what have you, and two awful-looking ones. I'm trying to make a lot so I can applique on/embellish some of them eventually. It'll be good to have spares when I mess things up. I operate on the assumption that I will, anyway. Hah!

Today I stopped at Jo-Ann and got a bit more yarn (the blue one is bamboo) and another set of buttons in a neutral tone. I'm using up all my whites and browns!

Finally, a picture of Aury with Bernard Bear, an adorable tyke from Chet and Dot given to me by my friend L last year. (Speaking of L, I took her to the airport yesterday! It's weird to be alone again!) They're rather coordinated lately.

just because

The girls have gotten some ribbons for their hair.

I particularly like brown on Beatrix -- it calms down the outrageous shade of her hair.

mutual enemies

This afternoon, our cat Tippy was sitting on a square of folded-up pink tablecloth looking quite dainty for a cat of her size. Of course, she moved when I approached her with a camera.

Tippy is quite the talker. If she remains stationary you can have long, musical conversations with her, like so:

ME: What's your problem, Tippy?
TIPPY: Myarr.
ME: Oh really?
TIPPY: Myaarr.
ME: Tell me about it!
TIPPY: Myaar.
ME: Well!
TIPPY: Myarr.
TIPPY: ...Myar.
ME: What are you telling me for?

...And so on into the night. A taste:

March marches on

Still hanging with my friend L! We spent the night of St. Patrick's Day quite regretting the fact that we got our drink on. These cookies my mom made were nommed on as if they had medicinal qualities:


Today we hopped out to the craft store because I had a hankering for some yarn for Yet More Pixie Hats. (I've made, like, six or something...) I'll probably do a regular beanie as well, but this pattern is still really fun for me.

Tonight: another family birthday.

It's St. Patrick's day and I don't have to!

I'm still making pixie hats in my spare time!

Also, here's a little St. Patrick's day nicky-noo I made for a friend, a very Irish friend.

Gotta blaze, it's time to get my St. Patrick's Day panic attack on!

March madness

Finally, what I've been thinking of as my "March dresses" -- because they're so green and springy -- got here! A few days ago, actually, but I picked them up today. I had to make a fearsome trek up to the post office (difficult, as there's road construction everywhere and the streets were in terrible condition) to fetch them, but oh, well worth it! They look much, much better in person than they did on the eBay pictures, which is a pleasant surprise for me.

Get it, gurls! I think the striped one in particular is very Beatrix! Speaking of Beatrix, her hair is in real need of a shampooing. It feels sort of overly-slick, and it doesn't really keep style very well. I will have to do this sometime soon!

Oh, and as you can see, the pixie hat parade marches on.

Finally, I'm adopting my two new rats today, and I'm very nervous/anxious about it. It's been quite the ongoing ordeal for the last month. Wish me luck, internets!

still crocheting...!

My hat party is ONGOING! The pixie hat police will have to shut me down before I O.D. or flash my panties at Hobby Lobby.

I have started six hats, completed four, and only two of them are decent. Hah! I'm still figuring out the proper size and which yarns work best. I'd really like to try felting a hat.

For Aury's new green pixie hat, I used more yarn sent to me by L in this cheery Marchy green that goes really perfectly with her pink dress with its green ribbon-leafed rosette on it. It also goes great with her green eyes!

Poor patient Aury. She's my go-to model for hats and has had to put up with a lot of trying on and fussing and cutesyness.

Speaking of cutesy, here's a picture of my rat snapped this morning. He just looked so cute and content in his hammock! I disturbed him a little, I'm afraid.

I may be adopting two more male rats soon. Aforementioned L is coming in for a visit (during which I'm sure we'll do nothing but hibernate, laze around, watch TV, and play Wario Smooth Moves) and she is also a rat mommy, so I'll have good company for their first two weeks here. If the adoption goes through, that is!

birthday Blythes

Yesterday, February 28th, was my little sister's 18th birthday. I feel so old! We had a tea, though, and the table was pretty adorable.

I sat out in the sunroom for a little while with my other little sister (she just turned 25) and my rat, Gryphon.

Of course I had to get a picture of the girls on the cute table, too!

Speaking of Blythes and birthdays...

This girl -- Dear LeLe Girl, in fact -- is just to DIE for! She's so cute and her stock is so cute, and kind of mori-ish a little bit. I love the blue eyes and complimenting blue eye makeup. I understand she's a CWC Exclusive, which makes me wonder if it would be too much to get her for my birthday. I guess we'll see!

Oh, and Simply Peppermint has been named "Beatrix" by popular consensus!