April's around the corner

Yes, it is still pixie hat mania here. Besides these acceptable specimen, I have two in progress and many more that I frogged because I made them one stitch too small, or what have you, and two awful-looking ones. I'm trying to make a lot so I can applique on/embellish some of them eventually. It'll be good to have spares when I mess things up. I operate on the assumption that I will, anyway. Hah!

Today I stopped at Jo-Ann and got a bit more yarn (the blue one is bamboo) and another set of buttons in a neutral tone. I'm using up all my whites and browns!

Finally, a picture of Aury with Bernard Bear, an adorable tyke from Chet and Dot given to me by my friend L last year. (Speaking of L, I took her to the airport yesterday! It's weird to be alone again!) They're rather coordinated lately.


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