birthday Blythes

Yesterday, February 28th, was my little sister's 18th birthday. I feel so old! We had a tea, though, and the table was pretty adorable.

I sat out in the sunroom for a little while with my other little sister (she just turned 25) and my rat, Gryphon.

Of course I had to get a picture of the girls on the cute table, too!

Speaking of Blythes and birthdays...

This girl -- Dear LeLe Girl, in fact -- is just to DIE for! She's so cute and her stock is so cute, and kind of mori-ish a little bit. I love the blue eyes and complimenting blue eye makeup. I understand she's a CWC Exclusive, which makes me wonder if it would be too much to get her for my birthday. I guess we'll see!

Oh, and Simply Peppermint has been named "Beatrix" by popular consensus!


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