March madness

Finally, what I've been thinking of as my "March dresses" -- because they're so green and springy -- got here! A few days ago, actually, but I picked them up today. I had to make a fearsome trek up to the post office (difficult, as there's road construction everywhere and the streets were in terrible condition) to fetch them, but oh, well worth it! They look much, much better in person than they did on the eBay pictures, which is a pleasant surprise for me.

Get it, gurls! I think the striped one in particular is very Beatrix! Speaking of Beatrix, her hair is in real need of a shampooing. It feels sort of overly-slick, and it doesn't really keep style very well. I will have to do this sometime soon!

Oh, and as you can see, the pixie hat parade marches on.

Finally, I'm adopting my two new rats today, and I'm very nervous/anxious about it. It's been quite the ongoing ordeal for the last month. Wish me luck, internets!


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