still crocheting...!

My hat party is ONGOING! The pixie hat police will have to shut me down before I O.D. or flash my panties at Hobby Lobby.

I have started six hats, completed four, and only two of them are decent. Hah! I'm still figuring out the proper size and which yarns work best. I'd really like to try felting a hat.

For Aury's new green pixie hat, I used more yarn sent to me by L in this cheery Marchy green that goes really perfectly with her pink dress with its green ribbon-leafed rosette on it. It also goes great with her green eyes!

Poor patient Aury. She's my go-to model for hats and has had to put up with a lot of trying on and fussing and cutesyness.

Speaking of cutesy, here's a picture of my rat snapped this morning. He just looked so cute and content in his hammock! I disturbed him a little, I'm afraid.

I may be adopting two more male rats soon. Aforementioned L is coming in for a visit (during which I'm sure we'll do nothing but hibernate, laze around, watch TV, and play Wario Smooth Moves) and she is also a rat mommy, so I'll have good company for their first two weeks here. If the adoption goes through, that is!


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