big spenda

I've bought way too much in the way of Blythe stuff this month! I have a small income, so it's easy to buy "too much," and yet not really buy all that much at all. But really, I have three girls now and not enough clothes to go around, particularly because they all have distinct styles to me. This Is Blythe had free shipping on 4/20, though, so I went ahead and got this dress I've been wanting for a while!

Yay! I'm a sucker for anthropomorphized applique.

This past week has been sort of long and hard, but the mail that's arrived has been a pleasure and the stuff still coming my way is something to look forward to! My room has a small pile of packaging in it right now.

I have to keep my slight hoarder tendencies in check! I'm not a hoarder, but I all too easily can sympathize with the mentality of hoarders, because I do get sentimental attachments to things, and I do also hate to waste things and throw things away. For a long time I kept all the boxes my shoes came in because I thought I would need them sometime, but I finally threw them all away earlier this year. If I was a little less together, I could see myself hoarding, because right now I don't even want to throw these random mailing envelopes away. They carried my girls' clothes to me, so for some reason, I keep all of it.

I've always sort of been this way -- the packaging, for me, can be part of the whole item itself, part of the experience I have with it. Either that or I think I will need it someday, for some reason. HOWEVER, I think I can throw these things away once I figure out a really good storage system for my Blythe clothes!


  1. I am the same with the Blythe mail packaging.
    People put cute little notes or stickers or tape on them, or the envelopes themselves are so pretty. Not to mention the clothes packaing inside the envelope.
    Beautiful blog :D

  2. Yes! I love to save the notes or cards people include with the package, and even just the random plastic wrappers the clothes come in. :)

    Thank you! :D

  3. Collage art piece for the wall? Air mail art!~