The Continuing Misadventures of Poor Beatrix

Beatrix's side-swept hair is holding up fairly well -- without a clip or something, it hangs down in front of her face, but that's miles better than snapping instantly back into a center-part! I may do another ironing session sometime in the near future to help set it extra-well.

This morning I went through the terrifying process of CUTTING HER HAIR. I liked the way her shorter layers gave her this natural face-framing bob look, so I just cut off the scruffy longer layers to give her a real bob.

To be honest, I didn't do the greatest job in the world. I've obviously never done this before! My craft scissors are heavy and sharp and powerful, but they tended to "chew" the hair a lot during the cutting process, and it was much thicker-feeling than you would imagine this tiny amount of hair to be. The back will need some neatening up in the future, but for now I'm relatively happy with her bob and side-swept bangs and also, my Total Balls.


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