damn that radio for playing that song

Wrist still hurts, so I'm still out of commission on just about everything I want to do right now! :(

I'm side-sweeping Beatrix's hair these days, just bobby-pinning a small amount of her front hair to the side. ( I'm a side-parter girl; I think side-part looks better 90% of the time, kind of like I also think glasses make anyone about 100x more attractive.) SP has a firm center part, you know, but I think she looks so, so cute with a side-part! So I'm trying to figure out a way to set her hair to the side. Not all of it, just the front part, her bangs. I don't know if I'll cut bangs for her or not, but you know, I just want an effect like this:

Excuse my hilarious Photoshopping. Those aren't meant to be bangs, just side-swooping hair over her forehead!

I asked Plastic Paradise if anyone knew of a way to achieve something like this. I hope I get some advice. Especially because I am horribly socially awkward and it was really hard for me to screw up the nerve to post there! I'm wondering if the way to go about this business is to treat that small amount of front hair as if I'm going to cut it into bangs and set the hair with an iron, as you do when you are cutting Blythe bangs. I do not want to accidentally mullet her up, though!!

Anyway, on Saturday I got this cute dress at Target:

I love the floral print skirt too, too much! It is perfect for the warm-earthed, blossoming spring weather we're having right now. It makes me want to drive around and sing chick country and put ribbons in my hair.


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