dolly heaven

I got the biggest surprise ever on Friday! It felt like a dream!

She fits in perfectly with my little Blythe family. I liked her so much in the first place because her stock is so beautiful and just my aesthetic style, her complexion is so pretty and her makeup so nice (her blue eyeshadow just kills me, it's so lovely with her gingery hair), and she somehow fills a gap I didn't know was there. Like, these girls are just perfect for me. Aury, my perfect first doll upon whom I dote like crazy; Beatrix, my patient diamond in the rough, this crazy little cute unique girl emerging from Simply Peppermint; and Plummery, my own personal Holy Grail.

My life with Blythe, I feel, started at the exact perfect time. I really like some girls of the past few years -- how could you not? Who wouldn't like Friendly Freckles? Who doesn't like Miss Sally Rice? How sweet is Velvet Minuet? -- and flickr will change your mind about a doll with a single beautiful picture taken by a person who loves them. But I just feel like this is it, these are my girls. Of course I would probably love another doll someday. I still like all the ones I mentioned. But oh! My girls are perfect for me. And Dear LeLe Girl is the epitome of the perfect gift.

Yesterday J and I got some breakfast and I toted Plummery (whose name is sort of an off-shoot of "Plumeria," which came to mind because of her floral sort of motif, and also because "plum" is one of my favorite words) along.

Plummery really enjoyed the last twelve episodes of Gilmore Girls, I'm sure. Yes, they talk fast!

When I got home, the fabulous tan/blue/orange plaid dress I posted about had arrived already! Such fast shipping! And it's perfect for Beatrix and her sassy-mod hair. I love it!


  1. Wow, what a great surprise, a wonderful birthday gift! I wish I could have the same! ;p hehehe...

  2. Hehe! I wish it for you too! :D