"go boil your head"

Dipped Beatrix's head in BOILING WATER (okay, I waited a minute, so it wasn't so FREAKY FOR ME) this morning.

Oh the trauma of a first time!! Hopefully this will aid me in my quest for side-swept bangs!


Okay, okay! The boiling water was a good start to Beatrix's hair. It definitely swept the hair I had parted more to the side, but the roots were still adamantly bouncing the hair up off her scalp like she was Alicia Silverstone in clueless or something. AS IF!

So I decided to try ironing to force the hair down and set it further. very carefully wrapped her head with a strip of cotton fabric. This took FOR! EVER! It was so hard to get her hairs to stay in place when they wanted to bounce up off of her. But I finally prevailed and set about doing the scariest-sounding thing ever, even scarier than BOILING WATER + BELOVED DOLL. Yep. I ironed her head using that reliable bang-cutting method as seen here. My little sister took the pictures for me! :) Doesn't she look like a little prisoner being sent off to her execution?

It really wasn't hard, although it was very intimidating a thing to try... after the boiling water this morning, though, I was feeling ballsier. It really does get easier to try things once you get the ball rolling! I was so afraid I'd melt her forehead, but she's just fine! I think it worked pretty well, and I might do it again, if her bangs act like they want to snap back into a mid-part. Otherwise, this girl is well on her way to a DREAM HAIRCUT!


  1. Is boiling usual? I'm a complete noob I'd say.

  2. I'm a noob too, Simply! But yes, people seem to do "boil perms" or something to help the doll's hair keep style!

  3. hmm...not sure if I dare in case something untoward happens. :) but my girl's hair is definintely all over the place since she goes out with me almost every day now (to be model for e hats I'm making)