my head asplode

Goodness gracious. In the last day, my desk has asploded with craft stuff.

Partially the mess is because I hauled out a whole bunch of stuff to see what I could put on a pixie hat. I've been wanting to embellish a hat ever since I started making them, a la EuroTrash and many others, just because it seemed really fun. AND IT IS. It's a basic Blythe fact that they look too adorable for words in hats, and you can really have fun with the hats for them, too.

After a couple hours of working while re-watching episodes of Glee, girls have got matching pixie hats, or twinkie hats if you prefer.

I've not crocheted these little applique types of flowers before, but they were easy enough to get the hang of for a total dunce like me thanks to this YouTube tutorial. I did them in some left over pastel baby yarn I've had hanging around for years so they're very delicate-feeling, although not as delicate as they could have been if done with sock yarn or lace yarn.

Beatrix's hat is white with seafoam green, brown, and metallic gold accents. I love Beatrix in brown and tweed. She is a bit of a vintage/stuffy girl who might be a librarian someday. If I ever see horn-rimmed glasses, I'm getting them, because those are totally her.

Aury's hat is in a tweedy sort of brown-gray yarn with pink accents of various shades, and a silver sort of bead color. Aury looks good in absolutely anything and everything and can get away with any style.

I've never seen any other Blythe hats embellished with little hand-tied ribbons. I like the junky sort of pile of different feeling things on there. This morning I went to the craft store and all the beads were half off, so I got several packages and some more buttons, which I go through like crazycakes.

I was not as well-behaved as I could've been because I kept picking stuff up and not putting it back down again -- but at least I didn't get any yarn! (Although I really want some more!! I'll try to at least use up more of the yarn I have first!)


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