Picked up a package of CoolCat boots from the post office yesterday! Plummery's been barefoot since I got her because I hate her stock mules. I like for my Blythes' shoes to actually STAY ON, but that's just me. I bought two pairs (the other pair is slouchy and I'm sure I'll take pics someday) so I got two free gifts along with them, how cool! One's a really pretty pair of teal socks and the other's an interesting pair of leggings with neon stripes...

I've been meaning to try and sew an apron for Plummery, because her tan dress really needs something with it, and also, that's just sort of her style! You may remember that my last sewing attempt was not very successful. This time, instead of trying to follow a pattern, I just looked at the way Dear LeLe Girl's stock apron was put together and tried to emulate it, going slowly by hand. I made everything extra-big because the last time everything shrank so enormously as I sewed it together. This time, I sewed one piece on backwards and had to cut the stitches out and re-attach it correctly, but otherwise it came together okay!

I don't have any kind of snaps or Velcro so for now these beads are on the back acting as loose fasteners, which makes it hang really loose and look crooked in these pics. It's not actually, and I wouldn't say that if it wasn't true!


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