Spring in swing (ALSO: CANDY)

I both hid and hunted eggs this Easter! I am often the egg-hider these days (oh, I feel old!) but I'm also known to hunt now and then. I've been enjoying sugar hangovers these past couple of days. Instead of her bunny hat, Aury wore her new red dotty dress and a helmet with a toadstool on it to much!

This dotty dress is a SugarMag one I got off eBay for $10 with free shipping. It's actually rather sheer... Aury needs a petticoat or something!

This morning, I'm watching episodes of The Universe on Hulu and enjoying myself by embellishing hats. Here are two I did while watching scientists talk about the sun and impact features on the moon:

I've finally gotten around to setting up an Etsy shop (people always ask me if I have one) and these two hats are available in the shop! :) I had such fun making myself a shop banner.


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