strain strain, go away

I seem to have strained my wrist crocheting and embroidering. It's cramping my style! Literally! Before I noticed that my wrist was actually hurting I made this light pink pixie hat, complete with pom-pons. (I forgot how fun pom-pons are to make!) It suits Aury's blushy complexion so well...

A couple of photos in the backyard:

Spring has sprung well and truly.

I'm hoping my wrist will feel better by tomorrow -- I'm going to baby-sit, and I like to have something to do with my hands while I'm there, something that doesn't take much actual thought. If not, oh well! I've really got to rest it! Unfortunately it's my right wrist, and I'm incredibly right-handed, so I use it to do everything all the time.

Finally, I've gotten the ball rolling on my Etsy shop, something I've been meaning to do for, oh, three years or so. "Maidensuit" has been a username for me for a while. It's a piece of armor from the best Super Nintendo RPG ever (EVER!), Chrono Trigger, and I just find it a pretty-looking word! Incidentally, "Cure Touch" is a healing spell in the same game. The more you know!


  1. yeah, I think making poms is somewhat addictive! I've been making so many I don't know what to do with. Good way to make use of the yarn ends too. I've got a hat coming up with poms on each ear flap like yours. :)