It's so pleasant outside lately, I love to take the girls outside and take pictures of them. I could take hundreds.

Aury and Plummery are such a curly-girl, naturey twosome...

But Beatrix is really capturing my heart in her little green hedgehog dress (also from Plastic Paradise -- I love getting used Blythe clothes from there, I feel like they have a history of love) right now. I can't wait to switch out more of her eyechips!

My bad cat, Tippy, popped in for a photo op at one point. My mom might have been the evil mastermind behind that.

Also, this little guy was out in the yard right when I stepped out. I always call rabbits "bun-buns" because that's what my dad calls them, and I think it's hilarious because he's just so... my dad!

Tonight I'm crocheting and watching The Tudors, which I've never seen before. I'm three episodes in, and I must say... it reminds me hilariously of Gossip Girl, only with more ye olde Englishy language and less vapid, pointless Nate Archibald. Does this make Jenny Humphrey a modern-day Anne Boleyn? I think so! Also, if Jonathan Rhys Meyers were an emoticon, he would be 8).


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