armed with the faith of a child

Plummery in plum! I got both this top and the overalls from users on Plastic Paradise, which is my favorite place to get things now. I'm actually not sure how I feel about Plummery in pants though! She might be a dress girl only!

My birthday table is pink! I've had a very good birthday so far. I got a lot of my presents early, have gleefully blown birthday money on a Blythe doll (...I know, it's getting ridiculous and I've banned myself from getting dolls for a LONG TIME!) and people have been super-kind to me. My mom and I went out to a favorite Mexican place and then we went to the nearby craft store! Here's my haul...

I love the elephant-shaped buttons! My mom spotted the heart ribbon and said, "I'm getting this for you!" She knows me well! I hope I can put all these to good use. My lack of sewing skills are not to be underestimated. Like, seriously.

Tonight there will be angel food cake with chocolate whipped cream for icing, and I might rewatch yesterday's Supernatural and craft!


I got a lovebox from L! She sent me the most epic box of epicness for Christmas last year -- I called it the Box of Love. This, too, is a box lovingly put together, and I think L has given me more for Christmas/my birthday than most people!

DRESSES!! My girls are in dire need of clothes. I've been collecting determinedly this past month. These frocks are all on my girls right now!

I also got a card from an online friend, C, and it surprised me greatly, and the card is beautiful. I have a color compulsion, so when I saw Plummery in one of the new lovebox dresses, I knew I wanted a picture of her with the card.



  1. I bought that green fat quarter with little tulips too! Very cute.

  2. I hope you make a cute dress with it! :D