Beauty and kindness.

So, although my Blythe family has gotten scandalously large with the addition of Plummery (what! Three Blythes! No one can live at that speed!), I had actually been saving up a little for her, and getting her as a birthday present meant that I had a small amount of money saved up that was suddenly not mentally squared away. Thus when I saw this Tailor Gibson on Plastic Paradise (without stock, but at this point in my Blythe life, I've realized that I hardly ever have the girls in stock clothes, so although I like TG's stock, I wasn't bothered by not having it) I was really tempted by her and decided to mull it over. Then my birthday came and I was given some money by awesome family members, and suddenly she became much more affordable and I decided to just go for it! Tailor Gibson has always been a girl I've liked, but not pined for in the way I pined for Ice Rune and Dear LeLe Girl. However, I literally had dreams about this doll all night long after seeing her. My brain was enamoured, I think :)

The girl I adopted her from is absolutely one of the sweetest people I've met online in a long time! I traded TG's darker blue chips out for a slightly lower price on the doll, and she asked me if I'd like stock green or blue chips in their place. I found this so nice! But as I have a pair of Beatrix's pink stock chips hanging around, I thought I might as well use those, and told her I would. She sent TG along very quickly. She arrived today, and when I unwrapped her I discovered Chrissy had put in pink stock eyechips for me! And I had been expecting her to arrive nude, but Chrissy even put her in a little pink dress, written a little note, and included a necklace from her Etsy shop too!

It's incredibly cute, and the consideration and kindness of her efforts touches me so much. I guess I've become old and jaded on The Internets, especially since I have an extensive fandom history and have experienced a wide range of pettiness and strife. I would sooner expect a Bad Dolly Deal than a good one, as much as it pains me to say that. It's not that I haven't met some of my best friends ever online (most of my friends are online or started out as online friendships) and that I've never been afforded kindness and generosity, because I definitely have been. And in general, the Blythe fandom seems mostly very healthy and supportive in comparison to most other fandoms I've been in. But I was still really touched, and I hope to pay this forward somehow, karmically speaking, and take the experience as inspiration.

Anyway, TG's been in a box for most of her life! So she's got box hair to speak for her experience! Today, one of the first things I did (after waggling her in my mom's face, going, "Look, look! My doll is here! She's got freckles!") was boil some water and give her head a careful dunk. Then I combed her bangs down and put the sad little blindfold on them while they dried.

Then I ironed them, let them sit, checked them out, then ironed them again. (Look at that gaggle of girls on my desk! That's where they hang out.)

Her bangs hang straight now, but they are very uneven. Partially, I like the unstructured-ness of them -- they look cute and less like a thick chunk than some Blythe bangs -- but I think they need just a little trimming. Crap! I'm not good at that!

I settled on a name for her a few hours after she got here: Calico. It seems good for a Tailor! I will have to get her a stand sometime soon. She's borrowing Beatrix's.


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