ghost birds and the boys

Last night I was terribly cold, so I fixed myself some toast, crawled into bed, and put on Gilmore Girls. Then I picked up some embroidery that I've had partially finished for quite a long time so I could keep shotgunning Gilmore Girls from my bed and get some work done on it at the same time, and I wound up finishing to the lovely lilt of Emily Gilmore's guilt trips and Dean Forester's fall from favor. Poor Dean.

The pattern is Ghost Birds by Aimee Ray (her Doodle Stitching book is the only crafty-type book I've got, and mainly just because it's cute -- I have to learn stitches and such from YouTube videos, I've discovered) and I did it here with a pink and brown theme. Not shocking, I'm sure. They're my favorite colors!

As I took some pictures just now, I had two of my rattie boys on the bed (they like to get under blankets and be nice and warm too) -- my two more recent adoptees, Aldebaran and Pollux, or Al and Paul for short. They crept out to see what was what.

They are pretty nice boys, if a little smelly and sneezy.

I'm surprised they allowed me to snap a few pics. Rats move so fast it's really hard to take pics of them, especially without flash, and Paul and Al are still a little shy about me. Anyway, most pics of rats, you just wind up with their butt or a bit of tail in the picture...



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