"One of my best, don't you think?"

After a while of stalking the sundries on PP, I found a stand for Calico! It's a Cassiopeia Spice stand, but I think Tailor Gibson's stand was also brown, so hopefully it's the same-ish thing. The brown looks really good with her, I must say. Also, the dress with crowns on it was a birthday gift from my friend J, the same who got me Dear LeLe Girl. Crazy kid. Let the record show that he picked it out all on his own.

I've been hooked on embroidery these past several days. I did this one over the weekend:

I'm going to miss new episodes of The Big Bang Theory this summer!

In more recent news, I woke up yesterday morning sick, rather weird and out of nowhere! So I haven't felt up to much. I did, however, watch the entire first season of Community yesterday, along with last night's The Big Bang Theory and the last two episodes of Chuck. (No one can marathon TV quite like me.) Community is great fun. It reminds me of Arrested Development, humor-wise, and Glee, self-parody-wise -- they bash Glee once, which I think is odd because in some ways they've got a really similar feel going on -- with some small smidgen of The Office (US) in there, too, somehow. So I wholeheartedly recommend it if you like any of those three shows!

Glee tonight! :)


  1. Perfect stand :D
    Community sounds cool, I'll have to look out for it.