This morning I randomly picked up a pencil and my sketchbook and drew this little Blythe. It took about half an hour, and my pencil (the only one I have, a mechanical Little Twin Stars pencil) lacked an eraser, so I just plunged on. It is truly a sketch in that way.

I was thinking, "Wow, I hardly ever draw anymore." I used to draw a lot in high school, but just for the lulz, never anything serious or artistically ambitious so much as little portraits and cartoons. I never enjoyed art class so much as my own leisure drawing. But with the time trapped in classes no longer a staple for me and Photoshop becoming the main medium through which I do visual things, drawing has been a hobby that's fallen by the wayside.

However, it occurred to me after I had finished that I do doodle little things semi-often enough... when I do felt applique!

When I am going to cut some felt, I always sketch out what I want in the size that I want it first, then cut it out and use it as a pattern (and reference point, if there are things to embroider onto it). Thus I have quite a few pages in the back of my sketchbook where random cute things are doodled and then, if I use them, cut out from their doodly brethren. The happy tooth on this pixie hat came from this page, and the hat has been sold, but the tooth of paper remains. :)

What is up with that cloud that turned into a deformed sheep, though? I should invest in an eraser.