road trippin'

Back from my trip. I have a love/hate relationship with the highway! I love it in every way except for the way I sometimes feel like I might DIE ON THE SIDE OF IT. But mostly, I love the scenery and blasting out music and all the thoughts that come into my head when the two combine.

In Dallas, J and I saw Avenue Q (what a great touring cast!) and stayed at a hotel that was also hosting many people there attending a video game convention. We saw people going around in costume. I love that kind of thing! People who enjoy cosplay have to either enjoy or endure people staring in total bemusement at them and I think it's really brave and cool when people have the balls and creativity to do it.

Also while we were in that neck of the woods we went to Ikea. My state tragically lacks an Ikea. What an odd place! Aury went in with me, but there were so many people, I didn't want to disturb anyone by seating her in any number of modernly-streamlined couches and snapping a pic. I did, however, get a frame for my bed. I also got new (PINK FLORAL!) bedsheets so I could really get the overall effect of having a girly bed and also make it feel like I'm sleeping on top of my blog... haha, I'm crazy!

Aury came along everywhere. She is a well-traveled girl!

There were lots of different tunes (I built a really long playlist) but most of the way back, we listened to Hanson's new album, Shout It Out. It's overall great. Hanson never has any shortage of crazy-hooky goodness and are melodic and harmonic always, but Shout It Out is actually kind of fun and loosey-goosey and laid-back for a Hanson album, lots of horns and classic-sounding soul influence and piano jamminess.

This song is a prime example, but there are lots of tracks I really like.

In other news, I shipped out two pixie hats someone bought from me on Etsy (yay! I really enjoy wrapping up packages) and Aury's tulip romper came today. Mail!


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